About Us

Who We Are

In the ’70s, when first 8 pcs furniture were made by craftsman founder, the quality and crafty spirit has become the key culture of us. We are always thinking how to make people spend little money to store and décor home a warm living place without sacrifice the quality.
Something not just a kind of decoration but also multi-function of storage and display, they can be for wall decoration and home improvement !That is the reason nowadays SS wooden position shelves to be the core collection of the MDF furniture products.

After 15years of the grown, most of SS wooden families have more than 10years of craftsmanship. We are not only your product manufacturer but solutions provider and business partner more with our profession.

Because of our keep-going trendy designs, self-inspected quality control and good balance of quality and price, our products are popular in the world. We are hoping everyone anywhere finds a shelf or any other little furniture fit his space well in SS Wooden at affordable prices and feel happy with us!

Your suggestions will always make us improved and appreciated!

What we can do for you

In the indoor furniture industry,we recognize that it comes to the well-use the indoor space needs, while every one is seeking for the beautiful home and interior decoration,catching-up trendy of indoor furniture.
The SS Wooden, located in the indoor furniture manufacturing area, was created to provide you with the production in the best balance of quality and cost ,the most efficient and responsible serivce possible:

-3 times inspections are applied to each production before shipment.
-Fast costing and win-win strategy with customer
-2 times of new product developments yearly
-Free color samples of the latestly PVC color card
-Weekely status updating during production
-Year end production analyse report
-The most trendy furniture research report